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EEC High Speed Bio-Tec – MBR

The EEC membrane bioreactor (MBR) is a technology currently being used in countries around the world. Combining conventional activated sludge treatment with low pressure membrane filtration, the EEC MBR proven to be a techno commercially viable and efficient method of producing reclaimed water from municipal waste water.

EEC MBR substitutes a clarifier with ultra filtration or micro filtration membrane modules. Unlike the clarifier, the membrane is a microbial barrier that can capture the biomass for recirculation inside the bioreactor.

Trouble Free Operation

These plants are superior when it comes to cost and trouble free operation, can handle shock loading, pH variation, give no backwash, no clogging of media and offer very compact WWTP. The EEC High-Speed Bio Tec systems can achieve 10 ppm effluent or less in respect to BOD/TSS. We can also achieve de-nitrification and ammonia removal. The EEC package plants are fully automatic.

Unique Cleaning Ability

A unique air bubble cleaning phenomena removes deposits from the membrane in a purely physical manner, without any repeated back flushing of chlorinated chemicals. EEC MBR System – Fully automatic system with automatic sludge separation. Main components are preassembled and tested before shipping.

FIRST MBBR – MBR. EEC installed the first combination system based on EEC MBBR followed by an outside Ultra Filtration system in 992 as one of the first MBR concepts ever installed.

Main Components

  • Main bioreactor tank with three chambers. Epoxy coated.
  • Hollow fiber membrane modules.
  • Fine bubble diffusers distribution system.
  • Non return valves, ball valves piping system.
  • Air blower for aerobic and membrane modules.
  • Fine bubble diffusers for aeration system.
  • Submersible feed pump.
  • Circulation pump for membranes.
  • Clean water pump.
  • Necessary cables and accessories.
  • Motor control centre and PLC