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MABR, IFAS Style Deployment – Transform Ageing Assets

OxyMem can transform overloaded, inefficient, or even obsolete wastewater treatment plants into high efficiency odour-free facilities capable of servicing much higher population equivalents in a matter of weeks. As plants move towards the end of their working life it often means wastewater is not being treated to the required discharge levels. These installations are operating well beyond their intended lifespan and beyond heir intended capacity. These issues all contribute to an inefficient and unsustainable demand for energy.

Incremental Expansion with MABR

The MABR can be deployed in a matter of days to supplement the biological treatment capacity of an existing Activated Sludge process and increase the treatment capacity by 50% allowing for either treatment capacity or higher effluent quality. The OxyMem MABR can be retrofitted within a wastewater treatment plant of almost any size often without emptying the tank / basin.

Upgrading a wastewater treatment plant with MABR delivers:

  • An uplift on the original capacity in existing tanks (50%+)
  • Plug and play installation with short start-up period (4-6 weeks)
  • An automated solution which operates in parallel with existing processes

  • Capital saving – No additional tanks needed for expansion
  • Incremental capacity increase with modular MABR allowing expandable design and enabling a more dynamic asset strategy
  • Energy savings, a minimum four times saving on energy costs over CAS
  • 50% reduction in sludge production (compared to CAS)
  • Achieve more Process resilience. Because MABR is biofilm system it has the ability to resist shock loads (Hydraulic or process upset)

‘Drop In’ Configuration