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Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor


Verde can offer OxyMem MABR – (Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor) – a revolutionary innovation for client’s facing wastewater treatment challenges.

In conventional biological treatment, bacteria breakdown pollutants in the presence of oxygen which is pumped through diffuses to create bubbles. Most of the oxygen rises to the surface without being used resulting in energy losses.

Revolutionary Innovation For Energy Neutral Wastewater Treatment issues facing clients​

  • Energy neutrality as a goal.
  • Sludge disposal a challenge / costly.
  • Existing treatment system is overloaded.
  • Nitrification is a challenge.
  • Asset can no longer meet consent.
  • Existing asset (tank) needs to be upgraded.
  • Footprint is limited.


MABR does not rely on bubbles to deliver oxygen. Instead, it uses gas permeable membranes allowing the bacteria to ‘breath’ directly on the media.  It is an ideal treatment solutions for Industrial | Municipal | Research Groups | Landfill.


  • Simplicity Media can be installed into new or existing tanks.
  • Low Energy  Oxygen is delivered at 4X greater energy efficiency.
  • Drop in Capacity  Increase biomass by up to 50% in a suspended growth system with the ‘Drop in’ attached growth module without the need for additional tanks.


  • 75% Energy Saving MABR media allows us to deliver oxygen directly to bacteria (8kgO2/kWh). OxyMem doesn’t have to overcome a hydrostatic head so the blower can operate at a much lower pressure (100-200 mbar).
  • 50-80% Tank Savings MABR is a high rate process which can deliver a high packing density for biological treatment, typically 550m2/m3.
  • 50% Less Sludge MABR is fixed film and delivers a much lower sludge yield, 0.1-0.15kgTSS/kg COD removed as more of the COD is oxidized to CO2.
  • 50% More Capacity added ‘Drop in’ modules into existing tanks to transform overloaded, inefficient, or even obsolete wastewater treatment plants and make them capable of servicing much higher loads and flows.

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