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Work Boats


Verde supply the versatile Elastec/American Marine range of workboats. These boats have been designed taking into account years of experience in the use of landing craft and spill response boats. The workboats are built from marine grade aluminium and feature a bow ramp for the quick loading of equipment. The ramp also provides excellent access when deploying, adjusting or retrieving equipment on the water.

The boats are completely customisable and thus are suited to a range of industries such as oil spill response, maintenance, fire fighting, patrol, security and more. The minimal draft makes them ideal for use in shallow waters. An optional water jet propulsion system can also be included. Catamaran skimmer and debris collection boats are also available. Verde also supply a rapid response skimming vessel, a 30 foot Kvichak/MARCO Filterbelt boat that can operate in protected waters. The boat includes an advanced filter belt skimmer, enabling the operator to skim oil while moving through the water. The boat is also able to collect debris using the same filter belt system.


Debris and Skimmer Boats

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