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Vacuum Units



The PACS (Portable Air Conveyance System) is a trailer mounted vacuum system supplied by Verde. The unit can be provided in a variety of configurations and is designed for removing liquids, solids and sludge from land and water. The PACS unit is extremely versatile (allowing the operator to run skimmers and pumps from its hydraulic system) and costs much less than a vacuum truck. In addition, its smaller size means that it can be towed to awkward to reach locations using all terrain vehicles. 


MiniVac is a highly mobile and portable vacuum system designed for spill recovery. It is ideal for working in remote areas, as well as in industrial locations. Its small size means that it can be rapidly deployed to deal with spills without the need for large tankers. MiniVac can recover a wide range of liquids, oils and sludge with up to 50mm solids. The system can be used with standard steel drums or can be supplied with hopper and 400 litre tank containers. The system can also be modified and provided as an All Terrain Vac. The vacuum unit is mounted on an ATV towable chassis with walking beam suspension. This means that this vacuum unit can go where no others can.

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