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Skimmers & Accessories


Drum Skimmers

Verde supply a unique range of marine oil drum skimmers. The skimmers use a patented design in which rotating drums are used as collection units and floats. This removes the need for heavy, bulky and expensive auxiliary flotation units and frames. As the drum rotates, oil adheres to the drum surface, removing it from the water. Oil is then drained into the collection trough from where it is pumped or sucked out. Our skimmers can be connected to transfer pumps or vacuum units for efficient cleanup operations.

Our skimmers are rugged and lightweight, have little maintenance requirements and have a life time drum warranty.


The MiniMax drum skimmer is a robust and reliable skimmer designed for industrial applications. The standard frame is manufactured from high density polyethylene, making it resistant to many chemicals. Special versions are available for high temperature and acidic environments. Hydraulic & pneumatic driven versions are also available.


Due to its light weight and shallow draft, the TDS118 is designed for use in rivers and lakes. It can also be used in API separators and is capable of recovering both light and heavy oils with very low water removal (approx. 2% – 3%). Again, The TDS118 requires very little maintenance and is offered with pneumatic or hydraulic motors.


The TDS136 is widely used in continuous duty industrial applications. Again, the TDS136 is robust and trouble free. The grooved disc version of the TDS136 was tested at Ohmsett and achieved a recovery rate of 38 cubic metres per hour to ASTM F2709.

Magnum 100

The Magnum 100 is one of the lightest high performance skimmers on the market today. It weighs only 57kg and is suited for larger spills on rivers, lakes and harbours. Four drums give the skimmer more stability on open waters. The skimmer can recover 57 cubic metres of oil per hour with 95% efficiency.

Magnum 200

The Magnum 200 is capable of recovery oil at rates of up to 45 cubic metres per hour with standard smooth drums. Higher rates are possible using grooved drum design. The Magnum 200 can be deployed from boats for open water response. Weighing only 104kg, the skimmer is still light enough to handle easily.

Magnum 400

The Magnum 400 is the largest in the line of drum skimmers and is designed for use in open waters. The skimmer features eight drums, providing one of the highest buoyancy to weight ratios of any skimmer on the market today. A range of pumps are available to match the Magnum 400’s high oil recovery rates.

Grooved Drum

All drum skimmers can be provided with grooved drum technology. The use of grooved drum pattern has been proven to increase oil recovery rates by 100 to 200%.

Grooved Disc Skimmers

Verde supply the unique Elastec/American Marine grooved disc skimmers. This patented technology won the $1million Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X Challenge with its grooved disc skimmer system. The award winning system recovered an incredible 1,060 cubic metres of oil per hour at an average 89.5% efficiency.  The grooved disc system surpassed all competition designs from around the world to win the top honour.  

X150 Skimmer

The X150 is the scaled version of the Wendy Schmidt X Challenge winning design. Tested in both stationary and static modes, the patented grooved discs can run faster than conventional smooth discs. The greater surface area on the sides of the discs means that they can be rotated at higher velocities, increasing recovery rates.

Weir Skimmers

The SeaSkater and OceanSkater are high capacity and self-adjusting weir skimmers. Their large diameter floats and lightweight design enable them to respond quickly to wave movements. The high buoyancy to weight ratio limits drastic changes in draft due to skimmer loading. The unique triangular design increases rigidity, impact resistance and strength. A thruster option is also available for remotely controlling the position of the skimmer once deployed.

Shovel Head Skimmers

The Shovel Head skimmer is a light, affordable floating suction skimmer that can be attached to any suitable suction pump or vacuum unit such as Verde’s diaphragm or peristaltic pumps, MiniVac or PACS vacuum units. The skimmer is manufactured in moulded polyethylene and can recover light oil or liquids from water surfaces. The Shovel Head skimmer is best suited to calm waters. With a draft of only 50mm, this skimmer can operate in very shallow waters.

Mini Skimmers

A small selective floating drum oil skimmer driven by a 12V motor, the Elastec Mini Skimmer is ideal for marinas, ponds, streams and small industrial tanks for recovering food processing oils, and light oils such as lube oil, hydraulic, diesel and sheens. It can be run from a low voltage power source, such as a car battery or plugged into a 110V / 220V outlet. The Mini Skimmer is very quiet and can potentially be connected to a timer or solar panel (not included). Due to its small size and light weight, this industrial oil skimmer can be deployed in tight locations such as dams, pits and tanks.

Skimmer Accessories

Verde provide a full package of associated accessories to match our drum skimmer range. Skimmer systems can be provided as a total package, including the skimmer, pump and power unit or individual items can be provided as retrofits to existing systems. Steam heating systems are also available to ensure continuous running of drum skimmers in cold environments.

Diesel Hydraulic
Skimmer Systems

Hydraulic power packs, hydraulic hosing, discharge hose and hose floats for use with hydraulically powered skimmers.

Skimmer Systems

Pneumatic accessories including diaphragm pumps, air supply hoses and suction/discharge hose for use with pneumatically operated skimmers.

Electric Hydraulic
Skimmer Systems

Electric hydraulic accessories including diaphragm pumps, air supply hoses and suction/discharge hose.

Pumps and
Power Packs

Verde offer a full range of pump and power pack units to suit most applications. Submersible pumps, trash pumps, helical screw pumps, peristaltic pumps and a variety of power generator options are available.

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