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redT Applications

redT Applications

redT energy storage machines have a wide variety of industry applications across many sectors. The modular nature of the redT machines makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, from small off-grid sites to large scale industrial solar PV and wind plants.

Renewable Energy

A key problem in supplying renewable energy to the electric grid is the mismatch between availability and demand. Solar and wind energy is highly dependent on external conditions but energy demand is independent of these factors. The redT energy storage system eliminates this problem by allowing operators to store energy when available and release it to the grid when needed. This evens out the mismatch between supply and demand and eliminates the intermittency problems associated with renewable energy sources.


Conventional power plants have traditionally provided both energy and grid balancing services. Rather than maintaining traditional plants running at lower utilisation and high emission rates, the redT system is capable of performing grid services requiring discharge durations ranging from seconds to days and power ratings from 1kW-1 MW. The system’s separation of energy and power also makes it highly modular and it can provide services at both the transmission and distribution levels.


Energy storage for remote locations is a key application for the redT energy storage machine. Telecommunications stations often need to be installed at remote locations. redT reduces site operating costs by increasing generator efficiency and has the potential to totally eliminate the need for fuel when used in conjunction with sufficient solar PV resources. In addition, low maintenance requirements and remote monitoring capabilities minimises the need for site attendance.

Diesel Generator Support

By coupling a diesel genset with a redT energy storage system, it can run at a higher loading to charge the battery (with extremely low marginal fuel impact) whilst still supplying demand. When demand falls, the genset can switch off and the energy storage system can take over, leading to significant savings. Combining the diesel genset use with the redT energy storage system increases the efficiency of the diesel generator by up to three times and reduces wear and maintenance costs.

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