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Double Tube Boom


The Double Tube Boom System is an essential, multi-functional first response booming system. This unique, lightweight boom can be used on land and on water for a variety of purposes, making it the ideal first responder tool. It can be easily and quickly deployed by a small crew. The Double Tube Boom system comes in 35cm or 55cm heights, with a standard length of 150 metres.


  • Flood Barrier.
  • Double Chamber Container.
  • Damming Boom.
  • Oil Boom on Water.
  • Temporary Water Resevoir.
  • Temporary Reservoir for Containing Contaminated Liquids or Extinguishing Waters.

Advantages over Single Purpose Systems


Cost Effective


The system can be used on land and water, as a flood containment solution, an emergency response containment or damming system, an emergency reservoir and an oil containment boom.

Fast Deployment

The DTB patented clamping system is designed to be carried out by a single person and requires no special tools.

Compact System

The boom system comes as a compact lightweight unit, fitting in to any small service vehicle.

Quality Materials

The polyethylene material is tear and chemical resistant, with crack resistance of 30N/mm2 and a towing force of 3000kg. The material undergoes anti-static treatment for which there is an 18 month warranty.

Minimum Crew

The standard 150 metres of boom can be easily deployed by a 2 man crew.

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