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Flood Defence


Verde supplies a range of environmental and flood defence systems, providing innovative alternatives to traditional sandbagging and dike systems. We are the Irish distributor for the Öko-Tec range of environmental and flood defence systems, including the Tube Wall flood defence system and the ever versatile Double Tube Boom system

Our Products

Tube Wall Flood Defence System

Öko-Tec Tube Wall is a quick, lightweight and highly effective alternative to old fashioned dikes and sandbags. Using air and water, the tube wall is a series of interconnected reinforced air-filled tubes which don't rely on the weight of the wall for anchoring, instead utilising the weight of the flood water for a firm seal and excellent anchoring ability.

Double Tube Flood Defence System

The Double Tube Boom System is an essential, multi-functional first response booming system. This unique, lightweight boom can be used on land and on water for a variety of purposes, making it the ideal first responder tool. It can be easily and quickly deployed by a small crew.

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