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UNI-SAFE Binders


Verde are authorised distributors of the UNI-SAFE range of universal chemical and oil binders. The UNI-SAFE range has been developed by the German chemical industry and has been designed to effectively absorb all liquids chemicals. Its general composition does not allow any dangerous reactions with chemicals, not even with strongly reacting and oxidising substances.

The main component of UNI-SAFE is a polymer with an extremely high absorbency rate. Therefore UNI-SAFE is able to bind liquids with a volume of up to 75 times its net weight.



UNI-SAFE has key advantages over traditional and existing chemical binders:
Extremely high absorbency rate
  • Binds liquids with a volume of up to 75 times its net weight, making its use much more economical over competing products
Barrier Formation
  • UNI-SAFE binds liquids so effectively that, unlike other binders, it can be used to form barriers to prevent further spreading of the spilled liquid
pH Indicator
  • In its basic form, UNI-SAFE has a built-in raw indicator that changes to yellow if it comes into contact with an acid and will turn red if it comes into contact with an alkaline solution. This helps emergency responders to immediately categorise the liquid. UNI-SAFE pH Plus contains a universal pH indicator, which can help to determine the pH value of a given liquid within the range of pH 1 – 13.
Emissions Blocker / Vapour Barrier
  • Following the initial absorption, and by applying a fresh layer of UNI-SAFE onto the spilled liquid, a vapour barrier is formed. This is especially effective when dealing with acid spills in industrial situations or petrol spills on service station forecourts. This  is also a very useful first responder tool during  emergency situations (e.g. vehicle accidents) where there is a risk of explosions from leaking petrol tanks.
Ideal for non-professionals
  • As UNI-SAFE does not react with any liquid type, it can be safely used immediately and risk-free by non-professionals.
Easy Handling
  • UNI-SAFE can be applied by hand or simple spreader and does not require any special handling instructions or PPE.
Oil Trace Removal
  • UNI-SAFE is extremely effective in removing often dangerous traffic film and can be used to help the removal of oil stains on road surfaces. It can also be used when raining, as UNI-SAFE will also absorb any contaminated rainwater that may have arisen from the road spill.
Easy Disposal
  • The high binding capabilities of UNI-SAFE mean that the mixture of UNI-SAFE and the dangerous substances can be swept, shovelled or sucked-up. The selection of an appropriate disposal method and route will depend on the dangerous substance that has been bound.
Cost Effective
  • UNI-SAFE binds significantly more than competing products. Therefore, you use less during the binding exercise and you create less waste for disposal once the exercise is complete.







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