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Waste Water Treatment

Verde Project - Kinvarra Housing Development


Waste Water Treatment Assessment


Kiltartan, Kinvarra, Galway



Project Summary/Goals

Verde provided assistance with planning application for a wastewater treatment system associated with a residential environment in a sensitive karst environment.

Verde carried out the necessary environmental monitoring works to satisfy the requirements of the EPA guidelines and regulatory authority and where necessary provide measures to assist in environmental compliance.

Providing the required environmental monitoring information to a high standard to the required timelines.

Verdé Group’s role on the project

Verde assisted Clarke Construction Design with the Planning Application for a Residential Development in the following areas:

  • Carried out the necessary hydrogeological assessment works in order to comply with a request for further information on the planning application for an effluent treatment design for a residential development.
  • The hydrogeological assessment was undertaken with reference to the EPA guidance document on Risk Screening in accordance with Guidance on the Authorisation of Discharges to Groundwater.
  • A Tier 2 Hydrogeological Assessment was undertaken at the site based the proposed wastewater treatment system throughput and sensitivity in a sensitive karst limestone environment.
  • A site investigation of the soil and groundwater consisted of trial pit and drilling and installation of bedrock groundwater monitoring wells in order to develop a Conceptual Site Model. 
  • Calculations on the output of contaminants from the wastewater treatment system were used in conjunction with the hydrogeological findings to assess potential impact on the surrounding surface water.