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Soil Waste Assessment & Classification


Soil Assessment and Classification


Dundalk, Co. Louth


Completed (2017)

Project Summary/Goals

This project involved site assessment to examining potential oil impact following a substantial fire at the premises. The site investigation works obtained the required to carry out waste classification of material which potentially had to be removed as part of remedial works.

Based on our findings of the material, the most appropriate classification code is 17 05 04 ”Soil and stones other than those mentioned in 17 05 03” and waste acceptance criteria WAC analysis results showed that the material was suitable for disposal off at an inert landfill/facility.

Verde role in the project

  • Undertake a site investigation to assess potential oil impact following a fire at the premises.
  • Undertake trial pitting to allow logging of the soil and subsoils to assess any potential soil or groundwater impact.
  • Obtain representative subsoil samples for laboratory analysis.
  • Completion of Waste Assessment using HazWasteOnline tm Tool and Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) requirements.
  • Preparation of a Waste Classification report outlining the findings & potential suitable disposal options.