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Soil, Geology & Hydrogeology Chapter for EIS



Soil, Geology & Hydrogeology Chapter for EIS


Quarry Site, Co. Antrim


Completed (2017)

Project Summary/Goals

This project involved preparation of soil, geology and hydrogeology Chapters for an EIS for a proposed Phase 2 development of Anaerobic Digester located in disused quarry in Co. Antrim.

Information gathered during preparation of the Soil, Geology and Hydrogeology Chapter will be used in preparation of Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed further development of the site.

Verde role in the project

  • Characterisation of the overburden and solid geology features of the site from the purpose of preparation of Soil & Geology Chapter for  Environmental Impact Statement for proposed Phase 2 Anaerobic Digester development.
  • Desk study & review of available information of the site and surrounding lands including a Hydrogeological assessment undertaken by Verde on the Phase 1 development.
  • Evaluation of importance of the soil, geology and hydrogeology features and the significance of effects to soil, bedrock and aquifer in the vicinity of the site.
  • Characterisation and evaluation of magnitude of potential risks to the soil, bedrock and aquifer associated with activities carried during construction and operation.
  • Provision of mitigation measures to counteract the potential adverse effects to soil, geology and hydrogeology during construction and operation phases.