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Residential Noise Complaint Assessment



Industrial Emissions Licence (IE) Application Support


GSK, Cork


Completed (2016)

Project Summary/Goals

This project involved long term monitoring to investigate a noise complaint from a resident adjacent to the GSK Cork site. The subject site operates under an Industrial Emissions Licence as issued by the EPA and is required to investigate and address any potential complaints from nearby residents / noise sensitive locations.

Verde project goals were to identify and investigate the cause of the complaint, liaise with the complainant and site operators and develop mitigation measures to prevent re-occurrence of any noise issues.

Verde role in the project

  • Noise complaint response investigation including review of historical compliance reports and complaint records.
  • Targeted short-term noise monitoring of potential noise sources in the vicinity of the site.
  • Long term monitoring (over the period of a month) in close proximity to the complainants residential property to examine variations in noise level and character (including amplitude, statistical and frequency analysis).
  • Interview and discussion with complainant and site operators to develop an understanding of potential noise issues and control measures.
  • Statistical analysis and reporting of data in accordance with EPA NG4 Guidance. As the site also operates a wind turbine, additional statistical analysis and reporting was completed in accordance with EPA NG3 Guidance.
  • Provision of consultancy support in relation to noise management controls.
  • Liaison with EPA, client and local residents.