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Oil Spill Remediation Services – Split in Oil Tank


Oil Spill Remediation Services – Split in Oil Tank


Co. Louth


5 Months

Damage Caused

  • An estimated loss of 40l of kerosene oil.
  • Strong oil odours and elevated PID readings of up to 400ppm recorded in soils between surface and 1.20m below ground level.
  • Contamination in the back garden beneath and surrounding the oil tank and boiler unit, beneath the lawn from the west side of the oil tank to the centre of the lawn area and north along the eastern boundary wall.

Verde’s Remediation & Reinstatement Programme

Remedial Works

  • The oil tank and boiler unit were disconnected and removed. A temporary heating supply was set up.
  • The oil tank base was broken out and removed.
  • A section of concrete footpath in the back garden was broken out and removed.
  • The identified contaminated soil and fill material was excavated and removed.
  • Specialised treatment solutions were applied to the base and sides of the excavation to treat residual contamination at depth.

Reinstatement Works

  • The excavation was backfilled with granular sub-base backfill material and compacted at regular intervals.
  • A new section of concrete footpath was poured in the back garden which was also extended into the boiler and oil tank base.
  • The oil tank was reinstated on the new concrete base.
  • The boiler unit was reinstated on the new concrete footpath/ base (see Photo 13) and the heating system was recommissioned.
  • Topsoil and lawn seed spread on the previously disturbed soft landscaping in the back garden.
  • The site was tidied prior to demobilisation.
  • A final sampling exercise was undertaken to examine soil quality at the previously affected areas.

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