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Oil Spill Remediation Services – Oil Spill from Oil Tank


Oil Spill Remediation Services – Oil Spill from Oil Tank


Clonard, Co. Wexford


2 Months

Damage Caused

  • An unknown amount of kerosene oil leaked from oil tank.
  • Oil contamination in soils, concrete and fill material around the spill point at the oil storage.
  • Strong oil odours and elevated PID readings of up to 600ppm were recorded in boreholes advanced throughout the yard.
  • Water contaminated with oil.

Enabling Works

  • Disconnection and removal of the oil tank and boiler unit.
  • Set-up of a temporary heating system if required.
  • Temporary removal of the concrete patio slabs in the back garden.
  • Break out and removal of the oil tank base.
  • Break out and removal of sections of footpath along the rear (north) and western gable wall of the house. An estimated 6 tonnes of concrete will require to be removed.

 Remedial Works

  • Excavation and removal of contaminated soil and fill material beneath and surrounding the former location of the oil tank, concrete patio slab area, lawn area and beneath the removed sections of concrete footpath.
  • Sampling and assessment on the rising blockwork.
  • Removal and replacement of contaminated blockwork.
  • Implementation of a combined chemical and bioremediation programme to treat residual contamination
  • Installation of a pump and treat system to further assist in the effective treatment of contaminated water in the excavations.
  • Dewatering and recharging system installed to remove and treat hydrocarbon contamination within the soil and fill materials beneath the house.
Thank you and your team for all your hard work.  The end result looks brilliant.  We are delighted”. More Testimonials 
JB, Clonard, Co. Wexford

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