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Oil Spill Remediation Services – Oil Leak from Boiler Unit


Oil Spill Remediation Services – Oil Leak from Boiler Unit


Ballysimon, Co. Limerick


3 Months

Damage Caused

  • An unknown amount of kerosene oil leaked from the boiler unit.
  • Internal hydrocarbon malodours and elevated PID reading in the house, notably in the sitting room.
  • Laboratory analysis of an ambient air quality sample from the sitting room confirmed unacceptable levels of a number of contaminants associated with kerosene.
  • Physical and analytical evidence of oil contamination was encountered in concrete and soils beneath and surrounding the boiler house.
  • Oil contamination in rising blockwork at the east house wall and the heating pipe insulation which is likely causing the oil odours within the home.
  • Perched water encountered at approximately 0.40mBGL adjacent to the east house wall.

Enabling Works

  • Removal of garden shed prior to Verde’s mobilisation to site to carry out the remedial works.
  • Installation of a VEU at back of the house to assist in the removal of internal hydrocarbon odours.
  • Removal of a section of paving slabs from back garden.
  • Disconnection and removal of boiler unit.
  • The boiler house was demolished.

Remedial Works

  • The identified contaminated soil and fill material beneath the boiler house was excavated and removed.
  • Identified contaminated rising wall blockwork was replaced with new blocks.
  • Specialised treatment solutions were applied to the base and sides of the excavation over a number of weeks to treat residual contamination at depth.
  • A final sampling exercise was undertaken to examine soil and interior air quality at the previously affected areas.

Reinstatement Works

  • Replacement of external insulation and mesh.
  • Backfill of  excavation with granular backfill material and compacted at regular intervals as per building regulations.
  • A new boiler base was poured in the former location of the boiler house.
  • A new concrete oil tank base was poured in the back garden.
  • A new oil tank was reinstated on the new oil tank base.
  • A new boiler unit was reinstated on the new boiler base and heating system was recommissioned.
  • The external wall at the back of the house was wet dashed.
  • The site was tidied prior to demobilisation.
The Verde Remediation Team were very polite and hardworking and their work clean and non-intrusive.  They were totally trustworthy as they were left alone in my house to do the remediation works.  Our Project Manager Clare Whitely was very informative and helpful throughout the process and I never had any problem making contact with her.” More Testimonials 
GC, Ballysimon, Co. Limerick



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