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Oil Spill Remediation Services – Crack in Oil Tank


Oil Spill Remediation Services – Crack in Oil Tank


Tuam, Co. Galway


4 Months

Damage Caused

  • An estimated loss of 400-600 litres of kerosene oil.
  • Oil staining and vegetation die back at the oil tank location.
  • Contamination impact to the oil tank base.
  • Contamination impact to soils from surface to 1.2mBGL.
  • Migration of contaminant plume to track under ground services and reach the building.
  • Vertical migration of contaminant plume to groundwater supply.

Verde’s Remediation & Reinstatement Programme

Enabling Works

  • Disconnection and removal of oil tank.
  • Set up of temporary tank and heating supply at property.

Remedial Works

  • Break out, remove and dispose of the impacted masonry support to the oil tank.
  • Excavate, remove and dispose of impacted soil to bedrock.
  • Installation of inoculation pipework to aid the application of residual impact to fill material beneath the tarmacadam.
  • All excavated material was removed for appropriate disposal and/or treatment at a licensed facility.
  • Final sampling taken.

In-Situ Treatment

  • Implementation of bioremediation programme to treat residual contamination to the side’s and base of the excavations.

Reinstatement Works

  • Backfill excavated area with granular fill material, compacted at 150mm intervals.
  • Preparation and reinstatement of the oil tank base at new location.
  • Reconnection of the oil tank.
  • Reinstatement of topsoil.
  • Raking and seeding of topsoil.

Customer Testimonial

“I cannot compliment the Verde remediation team enough – led by Seamus (extremely professional, informative and polite) and Marius (professional, friendly and a workaholic). Verde are lucky to have them.  They were more than approachable and helpful and really made it hassle-free (especially with a new born in the house).  I never needed to call Verde as they kept me fully informed from the outset.  Verde exceeded my expectations and I would 100% recommend them.” More Testimonials
RL, Tuam, Co. Galway

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