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Oil Spill Remediation – Oil Leak from neighbouring property


Oil Spill Remediation Services – Oil leak damage from neighbours tank


Co. Dublin


3 Months

Damage Caused

  • Loss of 4,000 litres of oil.
  • 80% of rear garden impacted by the oil spill.
  • 145 tonnes of impacted soil.
  • Hydrocarbon impact on the structure of the house from oil migration.
  • Off-site migration to all directions- extending beyond these points due to the high levels of groundwater and the large volumes of oil apparently lost.
  • Groundwater and (via drains or sewerage pipes) surface waters impacted.

Verde’s Remediation Programme

  • Sumps and trenches dug to assist in removing free oil and stop oil migration.
  • Remediation equipment used to separate the free oil from the oily water and to filter the remaining oily water before discharge.
  • Contaminated soil excavated and removed.
  • Inoculation pipework was installed along the sides of the excavation to assist in the treatment of residual contamination.
  • A bentonite barrier was installed to restrict migration of any further oil or water from the neighbouring property.
  • Specialised treatment solutions were applied to the inoculation pipework, base and sides of the excavation to treat residual contamination at depth.
  • On completion of remediation programme, a new wall was built, topsoil spread, a stone patio laid and new lawn laid.

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