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Oil leak in Kitchen


Oil Spill Remediation Services – Oil Leak in Kitchen


Co. Limerick


2 Months

Damage Caused

  • Release of 300 litres of home heating oil from boiler.
  • This oil leak caused significant impact to the kitchen, sections of dining room, hallway and living room.
  • The concrete subfloors, rising walls and sub soils were affected.
  • Strong smell of oil.

Verde’s Remediation Programme

  • Comprehensive site investigation carried out. Removal of contaminated materials such as kitchen units and suspended floors. Excavation of contaminated concrete, underling sub soils and masonry. Structural works carried out.
  • Treatment of residual contamination in concrete, masonry and underlying sub soils.
  • In-situ reinstatement works.
  • Validation that works had been successful was confirmed through soil sampling and analysis and air quality testing.
  • The areas were then reinstated to the satisfaction of the property owner.
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