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Specialist Contractor for Oil Contamination Insurance Claims

Verde Project - Insurance Companies


Panel Consultant & Remediation specialist contractor for oil contamination claims.




Ongoing (12 years)

Project Summary/Goals

Oil release cover is included under insurance policies taken out by properties owned by private individuals, commercial entities and government bodies.  Every year hundreds of oil releases occur causing significant impact to property and the environment.  Insurers need to have appropriate response procedures in place to ensure that damage and risk to property and the environment is minimised and then remediated to their former state.

Verde are the leading oil contamination Environmental Consultant and Remediation Contractor working for insurance companies in Ireland.  Every year, Verde undertake the remediation of over 180 oil contaminated sites on behalf of all the major insurance companies.  Remediation works are undertaken on residential sites, commercial buildings (including petroleum service stations and depots) as well as large government-owned sites. 

Verde Group’s role on the project

Verde assist the above insurance companies in the following areas:

  • On an on-going basis Verde provide immediate response support to insurers on pollution incidents. The role includes developing action plans, liaising with regulators and other affected third parties.
  • Undertake oil spillage and contaminated land site and risk assessments to determine the extent of impact to first party properties and the potential for off-site migration to third party properties and vulnerable environmental receptors.
  • Based on site assessment findings, Verde issue insurers with full site characterisation reports to include borehole & sample analyses findings, recommendations for remediation actions and full remediation design with associated costings.
  • Verde undertake oil contamination remediation programmes using various different methodologies.   Remediation methods are tailored to specific site requirements and include: Ex-situ treatment & disposal, In-situ biological treatment and In-situ Physical / Chemical methodologies. 
  • Verde personnel also act as Expert Witnesses in court cases on behalf of insurers.