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Noise Monitoring – Baseline and Construction Phase


Baseline and Construction Phase Noise Monitoring


DART & Suburban Rail Lane, Killester, Dublin

Project Summary / Goals

  • Long term noise monitoring adjacent to a railway line to establish baseline pre-construction noise conditions and noise levels during the construction phase of the project.
  • The construction works undertaken involved maintenance and replacement of a section of railway line. Works were undertaken during night time hours, thus contributing to potential noise nuisance impacts and complaints from nearby residential properties.
  • Verde project goals were to characterise the baseline conditions prior to the commencement of the works and provide the continuous 24/7 noise monitoring for the duration of the project.

Verde’s Remediation Programme

  • Installation of two solar-powered continuous noise monitors at the site boundary in close proximity to the nearest residential properties.
  • Measurement and characterisation of baseline noise pre-construction and during construction works.
  • Set up of remote monitoring with telemetry connection to allow real time remote desktop access to the noise monitors.
  • Programming of site- specific alert levels with email / text alerts to provide quick response to any potential noise issues.
  • Statistical analysis and reporting of data in accordance with EPA Guidance.