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Oil Spill Remediation Services – Leaking Oil Fired Boiler


Oil Spill Remediation Services – Leaking Boiler at the flexihose


Co. Galway


4 Months

Damage Caused

  • Oil sheen at rear of house.
  • Strong oil odour and leaking around boiler.
  • Strong oil odour in kitchen and sitting room.
  • Air quality analysis revealed elevated levels above recommended limits for a number of contaminants of concern.

Verde’s Remediation Programme

  • Carried out a full site investigation.
  • Break out and removal of the concrete floor and fill material within the boiler room.
  • The break out and removal of a section of the concrete footpath at the rear of the dwelling. Excavation of impacted material beneath.
  • The excavation and removal of the contaminated soil and fill material in the soft landscaping surrounding the boiler house.
  • Removal of  impacted blockwork.
  • Implementation of a bioremediation programme to treat residual contamination in the base and sides of the excavations through application of specialised remediation solutions.
  • A soil vapour extraction system (SVE) installed to treat contaminated soils used in conjunction with the bioremediation programme.
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