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IPC Timber Site Remediation

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Environmental Consultancy and Remediation Services on IPC Licence Site


Timber Processing Plant, Ireland



Project Summary/Goals

The site was used for the treatment of timber with creosote from the 1970s until 2000, since which time it has been unoccupied. At the height of its production, approximately 80,000 poles were treated per year with 50 tonnes of creosote processed per week.

Verde provide the client with Environmental Consultancy and Remediation services with the aim of surrendering their IPC licence. The work is also required to maintain compliance with the EPA IPC license and to complete necessary remediation works.

Verde’s role on the project

Verde assisted the client in the following areas:

  • Verde provide IPC biannual groundwater and surface water monitoring. Reports include hydrogeological assessment of the aquifer beneath the sites including groundwater contour maps.
  • Verde recently completed remediation trials on a number of viable options for the ex-situ treatment of creosote contaminated soils stored on-site. The technologies that were assessed included solidification-stabilisation and enhanced ex-situ bioremediation using both windrows and biopiles. The biopile trials also incorporated phytoremediation methods.
  • We provide groundwater remediation services following a historical creosote spill on-site through the operation of containment and recovery systems.
  • A detailed quantitative risk assessment (DQRA) is being undertaken using the available geological and hydrogeological information to derive site specific target levels (SSTL) for the remediation.
  • All of the works are undertaken in consultation and with the approval of the EPA.