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IPC Licence Environmental Consultancy and Remediation Services


IPC Licence Environmental Consultancy and Remediation Services

Client and Location

Janssen Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Little Island, Cork

Janssen Biologics Ltd, Ringaskiddy, Cork



Project Summary/Goals

Verde provide J&J with Environmental Consultancy and Advisory services, the aim of which is to provide the necessary environmental monitoring works to satisfy the requirements of the regulatory authority and where necessary provide measures to assist in environmental compliance.  Providing the required environmental monitoring information to a high standard to the required timelines will protect the J&J brand, help them reduce their impact on the environment, avoid costly remediation works and reduce the potential for litigation from third parties.

Verde’s role on the project

  • Biannual groundwater monitoring programme in order to comply with the site’s Industrial Emissions (IE) licence No. P0778¬-01, under which the facility is operating.  Reports include hydrogeological assessment of the aquifer beneath the sites including groundwater contour maps to assist in monitoring any groundwater contaminants.
  • Noise Monitoring – required under Condition 4.5 and Schedule B.3 of Janssen’s IE Licence at two off-site noise sensitive locations (NS1 and NS2) and five boundary locations (N1-N5) on an annual basis.
  • Licence Review – for the site, requested by the EPA to bring site operations into compliance with the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) and associated regulations and in particular to incorporate into the licence a number of technical amendment applications made to the EPA between 2008 and 2014.  The most recent of these technical amendments related to the installation of a wind turbine at the site whch was rejected by the EPA to incorporate the additional requirements of the Industrial Emissions Directive and implementing regulations.
  • Appropriate Assessment – Prepare a Natura Impact Statement in respect of a review of the Industrial Emissions (IE) Licence Application (Ref No. P0778-02) in respect of the expansion to its Biomedicines Manufacturing Facility.
  • Baseline Report – in accordance with Regulation 9 of the EPA (Industrial Emissions) (Licensing) Regulations, 2013, (SI No. 137 of 2013). The baseline report contained the information necessary to determine the state of soil and groundwater contamination so as to make a quantified comparison with the state upon definitive cessation of activities. The production and presentation of the report followed the stages as outlined in the European Commission Guidance concerning baseline reports, under Article 22(2) of Directive 2010/75/EU on industrial emissions.
  • Provide groundwater remediation services following a historical diesel spill on-site through time release application products in existing groundwater remediation wells on-site. Groundwater pump & treat and groundwater monitoring programme in relation to a historical MTBE groundwater contamination incident on-site.
  • Carried out detailed quantitative risk assessment (DQRA) from site specific geological and hydrogeological information to derive site specific target levels (SSTL) for the groundwater remediation of MTBE.
  • Provide consultancy and remediation services on technologies and spill response materials from Verde’s Products division.