Verde role in the project

  • Undertake an Environmental/ Hydrogeological site investigation and Appropriate Assessment for a proposed cemetery development on an existing greenfield site.
  • Undertake trial pitting to allow geological logging of the soil and subsoils to assess any groundwater ingress to determine site suitability in line with burial guidelines.
  • Obtain representative subsoil samples for baseline analysis together with geotechnical analysis to examine the subsoil particle size distribution.
  • Supervision of the drilling and installation of a groundwater monitoring wells to allow further information on the depth to bedrock and baseline groundwater quality monitoring.
  • Provide an assessment of the groundwater flow direction beneath the site from static groundwater levels in the monitoring wells across the site including travel times.
  • Undertake and Ecological Screening for Appropriate Assessment under Article 6 of the EU Habitats Directive.
  • Preparation of a Hydrogeological and Appropriate Assessment reports outlining the findings & suitability as a cemetery site.

Hydrogeological and Appropriate Assessment

Project Summary/Goals

This project involved examining the suitability of a greenfield site for use as a cemetery development. The site investigation works obtained the required information on the subsoil and groundwater conditions including baseline subsoil, surface water and groundwater quality.

Available guidance documents in Ireland and the UK for cemetery developments were used to examine site suitability in terms of ground conditions and required separation distances from environmental receptors.

The findings of the Hydrogeological and Appropriate Assessment Investigations indicated the site was suitable for a cemetery development.

Location Proposed Cemetery Site, Co. Kildare
Status Completed (2017)

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