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Environmental Services for David Nodwell Ltd on behalf of ESB


Environmental Services including Contamination Assessment, GQRA, Soil Waste Classification and Site Supervision.




David Nodwell Ltd on behalf of ESB


Verde Environmental Consultants was commissioned by David Nodwell Limited on behalf of ESB to provide Environmental and Waste Consultancy Support during a Cable Replacement Project.

The ESB cable fluid acts as an electrical insulator and aids the conduction of heat away from the conductor allowing the cable to be run more efficiently. Fluid filled cables are largely located in urban/suburban areas and so are particularly vulnerable to third party interference or damage. Over time cables can develop leaks due to corrosion / fracture/ defects in the cable sheath and in joints and terminations. When such leaks occur, there is potential for pollution to occur to surface water, groundwater, soils and ecology.

Verde’s Role

  • Complete detailed environmental assessment of site conditions, establishing the soil quality on-site.
  • Develop Generic Quantitative Risk Assessment (GQRA) evaluating environmental risk presented by site conditions and proposed mitigation to manage identified risks.
  • This consisted of a review of the potential environmental impact associated with a suspected hydrocarbon leak from a 38kV power line along a 480m section of Fair Hill and Wolfe Tone Street in Cork City.
  • Prepare a CEMP in advance of the cable replacement works and carried out waste classification of material to be excavated as part of the installation of quintuple service ducting.
  • Determined appropriate off-site disposal options for soils requiring removal from the site.
  • Provided advice to the Contractor on waste management during excavation works and ultimately signed off that the project was completed in accordance with the appropriate waste management legislation.