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Environmental Consultancy Services

Verdé Projects - Irish Distillers


Environmental Consultancy Services


Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard Ltd, Midleton, Cork.



Project Summary/Goals

Verde provide IDL with Environmental Consultancy and Advisory services, the aim of which is to provide the necessary environmental monitoring works to satisfy the requirements of the regulatory authority and where necessary provide measures to assist in environmental compliance.

Providing the required environmental monitoring information to a high standard to the required timelines will protect the IDL brand, help them reduce their impact on the environment, avoid costly remediation works and reduce the potential for litigation from third parties.

Verde’s role on the project

Verde assisted IDL in the following areas:

  • Bi-annual Abstraction Monitoring Reports as part of the IPC Licence for the IDL site. This works involves examination of the impacts (physical and chemical) of the abstraction on the groundwater environment, including the water table, the cone of depression, and the base flow to surface waters, the surface water environment and ecological habitats.
  • Assessment of the Risk Screening in accordance with Guidance on the Authorisation of Discharges to Groundwater. The outcome of the research of the existing soil, geology and hydrogeology of the site will provide recommendations for a technical assessment in relation to the setting of groundwater compliance points and values. Any actions are required to demonstrate compliance with the European Communities Environmental Objectives (Groundwater) Regulations 2010 will be agreed with the EPA.
  • Hydrological flow monitoring assessment of the River Dungourney adjoining the site to provide baseline flow rating curves of this watercourse prior to commissioning of the groundwater abstraction wells field on-site. This is required as part of the site’s IPC licence together with providing information for the site’s groundwater abstraction monitoring report.