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Deployment of Silt Curtains on River Shannon


Oil Spill Remediation Services – Deployment of Silt Curtains on River Shannon


River Shannon


1 Month


The Shannon Flood Risk Group took a major decision in 2016 to develop a plan for a strategic maintenance programme on the River Shannon.  Programmed maintenance works had not been carried out on the Shannon for a significant period of time and silt and vegetation has built up which impacts on the river’s conveyance capacity.  Led by the Office of Public Works (OPW), The Shannon Flood Risk Group considers that maintenance works on the Shannon are essential to halt the deterioration of the river channel.

Verde’s Role

  • Verde Remediation Services are happy to assist the OPW, with the supply and deployment of silt curtains.
  • The silt curtains were deployed by Verde during maintenance works to reduce the impact that any silt and vegetation dredging may have on the Shannon.

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