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Wind Farm Noise Assessments


Verde has expertise in the assessment of noise impacts for wind farm developments and for the installation of turbines at commercial sites. We adopt internationally recognised monitoring and assessment procedures to collect statistically sound data to support investigations into potential noise complaint issues or legal challenges.

A wind farm noise impact assessment is required at planning stage to determine the potential noise impact on the surrounding environment and local noise sensitive locations. When a wind farm is operational, it is necessary to undertake compliance surveys to confirm that wind farm noise is not adversely impacting upon nearby noise sensitive locations and to confirm compliance with planning or licence conditions. A noise assessment survey involves the installation of continuous noise meters and meteorological monitoring equipment between the subject site and the nearest identified noise sensitive locations. A typical survey is undertaken over  a period of four weeks or longer depending on meteorological monitoring conditions where continuous noise data is correlated with synchronised wind data. Data management and reporting is undertaken in accordance with the most up to date guidance and legislation specific to the type of development to include:  ISO 1996-2: 2017: Acoustics – Description and Measurement of Environmental Noise, ETSU-R-97, Wind Energy Development Guidelines, Institute of Acoustics Good Practice Guide for wind turbines,  EPA NG3 guidelines and specific conditions imposed under Planning or Licencing requirements.

Our Services

  • Noise impact assessments.
  • Design, recommendation and evaluation of noise mitigation measures.
  • Peer review of third party reports and impact assessments.
  • Planning compliance assessment of noise conditions.
  • Baseline noise surveys incl. compliance monitoring for licenced / permitted sites.
  • Occupational noise assessments.
  • Noise nuisance investigation.
  • Expert witness.