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Energy Services

Energy Services

Verde can help improve our client’s financial metrics by eliminating costs associated with energy by buying your energy more effectively and helping you use your energy more efficiently.

Verde have delivered bottom-line benefits to a wide range of clients, managing energy and utility spend for companies of all sizes – across many sectors. Whether you want help with developing risk management strategies, portfolio management, carbon emissions reduction, reporting, forecasting or energy contract management, you can rely on us. Our suite of integrated services delivers added value to our clients by helping them use energy more effectively, sustainably and, most importantly, profitably.

Our Services


  • Full investment-grade energy audits.
  • SI426 & ESOS compliance auditing.
  • ISO 500001 gap-analysis auditing.


  • Full ISO50001 implementation & training.
  • Energy awareness programme design & implementation.
  • Investment appraisal (measurement and verification using IPMVP protocol).

Market Analysis

  • Comprehensive analysis of all energy markets.
  • Plan energy hedging options.
  • Energy budget planning.

Bureau Services

  • Energy Monitoring & Targeting.
  • Energy invoice validation & revenue recovery.
  • Energy budget preparation.
  • Monthly/weekly/daily energy tracking.
  • Energy performance evaluation.
  • Energy policy formulation and implementation.
  • MIC evaluation and optimisation.


  • Usage profile analysis
  • Risk strategy formulation
  • Full tender preparation and analysis.
  • Contract negotiation
  • Full management of contract change.
  • In-contract hedging.
  • In-contract weekly/monthly/quarterly reporting against budget.

Project Design & Implementation

  • Energy Efficient Design (EED).
  • Professional consultation on energy projects.
  • Full project management of energy projects.
  • Including renewable energy projects.