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Toxic Green snow covers polluted Russian towns

Toxic green and black snow has covered several polluted Russian towns forcing panicked residents to wear masks.  Mass protests have erupted after the white snow turned an acidic shade of green following a chemical spill from a chrome factory.

Earlier this week, snows in Kemerovo turned an eerie black when pollution from coal plants made the streets dark and grimy.

The Kremlin has said it is now looking into reports of alarmingly high pollution levels in Sibay after an outburst of noxious gases from the abandoned copper mine.  Carbon dioxide levels in Sibay, east of Moscow, skyrocketed earlier this month and peaked over the weekend when they were recorded as 12 times higher than the maximum allowed.  Local officials said at the time it would take a couple of months to deal with the oxidation of the copper ore which caused the pollution.

Source – The Irish Sun

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