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Soil – let’s protect it

Verde - SaplingSoil is one of the most valuable and precious natural resources on the planet. We depend on soil for healthy food, clean water, storing carbon, preventing floods, and ultimately supporting all life. Without healthy soils, life on earth as we know it would cease to exist.

#people4soil is an initiative calling calling on the European Commission to pass a Soil Directive which would safeguard Irish and European soils. This is being done using a European Citizen’s Initiative petition – the official way for ordinary Europeans to call on the European Commission to act on the things citizens care about.

Crucially,  Ireland needs 8,250 signatures (1 million in total from seven different EU States) in order for the petition to be considered. If we care about safeguarding our future and that of our children, we need every single one of us to sign.  Sign the petition here.

A solution to increasing food productivity is already in the ground — naturally occurring microbes can enrich the soil and help tackle hunger.

Verde undertake characterisation of soils and undertake the necessary sampling to assess whether a waste is classified as hazardous or non-hazardous. Our specialists are trained in the use of the appropriate classification tools and have an in-depth knowledge of the relevant legislation and guidance, which allows them to guide clients in establishing cost effective and sustainable soil management solutions.

Soil Waste Classification

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