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River Basin Management Plan 2018-2021

River Basin Management Plan 2018-2021 – With effective implementation, we can expect to see the Plan’s ambitious suite of measures translated into tangible improvements in water quality in over 700 water bodies.

The investment of €1.7 billion in waste-water infrastructure over the period of this Plan to 2021 will see over 250 projects in urban areas progressed. Over the same period, we will take decisive steps towards sustainable and efficient water use, reducing leakage from our water network by 61 billion litres per year.

We will enhance the assessment of risks to water quality in our planning processes, and significantly increase the numbers of people on the ground, analysing water quality at water catchment level and working with communities to address challenges.

The River Basin Management Plan will build the foundations and momentum for the long-term delivery of water-quality improvement. The improved implementation and engagement structures which have guided the Plan’s creation are the foundations for taking better care of our water environment for the future.

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