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Product Focus – Oil Drum Skimmers

Verde supply a unique range of marine oil drum skimmers.

The skimmers use a patented design in which rotating drums are used as collection units and floats. This removes the need for heavy, bulky and expensive auxiliary flotation units and frames. As the drum rotates, oil adheres to the drum surface, removing it from the water.

Oil is then drained into the collection trough from where it is pumped or sucked out. Our skimmers can be connected to transfer pumps or vacuum units for efficient cleanup operations.

Our skimmers are rugged and lightweight, have little maintenance requirements and have a life time drum warranty.

Skimmer Accessories

Verde provide a full package of associated accessories to match our drum skimmer range.

Skimmer systems can be provided as a total package, including the skimmer, pump and power unit or individual items can be provided as retrofits to existing systems.

Steam heating systems are also available to ensure continuous running of drum skimmers in cold environments.

Pumps & Power Packs

Verde offer a full range of pump and power pack units to suit most applications.

Submersible pumps, trash pumps, helical screw pumps, peristaltic pumps and a variety of power generator options are available.

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