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Preventing noise pollution: Appreciate the sound of silence

The manslaughter conviction last week of a farmer in Tralee shows how all-pervasive one of the curses of our age — noise pollution — has become.  Michael Ferris was convicted over the killing of John O’Mahony, a tragedy provoked by the constant disruption caused by a crow banger.

Rural communities, especially during annual crop cycles, expect and accept occasional — occasional being the important word in that sentence — interruptions like this but some urban communities seem to have no respite from constant, almost over-whelming and unnecessary noise.

City-based workers can regard buskers whose repertoire is as limited as their vocal range with a particular dread. The peace of suburban communities is shattered by those who choose to express whatever it is they are trying to express by removing noise-limiting baffles from motorbike or cars.  This is rich ground for curmudgeonly slating but as our town and cities change, as we live in ever-more intense settings the issue is more pressing.

More and more of us live cheek-by-jowl so not only must we respect each other’s physical space but we must also learn to better respect each other’s sound space as well. Turn down the volume.

Source – Irish Examiner

Verde Environmental Consultants provide a number of noise & acoustic related services including:

  • Community noise measurement and complaint response.
  • Noise impact assessments for planning applications.
  • Measurement and assessment of occupational noise exposure.
  • Predictive modelling and design of noise reduction strategies.
  • Construction and operational noise management.
  • Specialist guidance on noise standards and publications; ISO 1996, BS4142, BS 8233, ISO EN 61400-11, ETSU-R-97 etc.