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Land already serviced should be prioritised for development – Engineers Ireland Report

About 600,000 Irish people live in damp or rotting homes while almost two million houses will need to be refitted here in coming years, experts warn.

Professional body Engineers Ireland publishes a report on Wednesday showing that homes and infrastructure in the Republic are in a poor condition and require immediate action.

The State of Ireland 2019 report says that Brussels-based Eurostat estimates that 600,000 people in the Republic live in homes with “a leaking roof, damp walls, floors or foundation or rot in window frames or floors”.  The report describes the physical condition of Irish homes as mediocre and warns that they need attention.

Engineers Ireland also estimates that two million homes will need to be refitted to meet new rules on energy efficiency due to come into force from the end of this year.

The report argues that a lack of public transport, roads, water, energy and telecoms services on land zoned for housing is slowing the construction of badly needed new homes.

“Land that is already serviced should be prioritised for development,” the document states.

The State of Ireland adds that local councils should take future infrastructure needs into account when they are planning future developments.  The report recommends that the State should spend more money on public infrastructure to speed up house building and make homes more affordable.  “This additional funding should come from both locally-raised and centrally-raised sources,” the report adds.

The document also finds that 52 per cent of engineers believe that the Republic’s infrastructure is not in a good condition and lacks the capacity for future development.

It highlights key faults in water supplies and waste water treatment, communications, transport and waste management.

Source – Irish Times

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