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Lake Monitoring as part of Water Framework Directive

Verde are currently involved in a monthly lake monitoring program throughout Counties Clare and Wicklow, as part of the Water Framework Directive requirements of River Basin Management Plans. The monitoring works include sample collection at a total of 19 lakes in County Clare and six lakes in Wicklow.

Verde samplers obtain water quality samples and field readings from open water and shore locations at specified locations on the lakes using quality assured sampling methods to ensure the samples are representative of the water body being sampled.

Dedicated samples bottles are used for various analysis including physio-chemical, ions, metals, chlorophyll and phytoplankton and sent to various EPA and County Council laboratories for analysis.

Field measurements of temperature and dissolved oxygen profiling are undertaken at specified locations at certain times of year to examine potential thermal stratification over the depth of the lake.

Verde adhere to procedures of decontamination of boats and sampling equipment between lakes to prevent the potential for the spread of non-invasive species such as Zebra mussels and Crayfish plague.