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Japanese Knotweed – the battle continues

“Properties, roads, farmland and wasteland in the country could be disrupted by the invasive ‘alien’ Japanese Knotweed plant if it is not treated correctly”, writes Michelle Hogan of the Leinster Express

Following a survey of Co. Laois, up to 60 locations have been identified as areas that have the invasive Japanese Knotweed plant present.


This invasive weed can affect the value of your house and planning permission if it grows under the foundations.

Laois County Council Independent Cllr, James Kelly, has said that he knows people who have been refused planning permission on land where the plants roots have grown three to four metres into the ground. “If it gets under the foundation of your property it can devalue your house,” he added.


Teagasc have advised farmers “not to cut, mow, strim or disturb the plant” as the hedge cutting season gets under way and have set up the newly formed Teagasc Invasive Alien Species Working Group to raise awareness of alien invasive species.

It is estimated that invasive species and non-native species cost Ireland €261m every year.


In the UK there is another court case pending

However, Scientists in Britain may have finally found the answer to the perennial menace of Japanese knotweed