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Ireland’s total emissions from power plants and industry decreased in 2017

Ireland’s emissions from the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) have decreased for first time since 2013, new EU figures reveal.  However, cement industry emissions increased by 2.1 per cent and emissions from the food and drink increased by 2.5 per cent. The ETS monitors emissions of 12,000 airlines, power plants and industries and is responsible for regulating around 45 per cent of Europe’s carbon emissions. Across Europe, emissions were up 0.3 per cent, the first time emissions have increased in seven years.

New data published by the European Commission shows that the overall emissions from the 103 Irish power generation and industrial companies under the scheme decreased by 4.8 per cent in 2017.

Irish sites include those operating in the power generation, cement, lime, and oil refining sectors, as well as large companies in the food & drink and pharmaceuticals sectors. In Ireland, emissions from the power generation sector decreased by 8.2 per cent, largely driven by the use of less coal and peat and a greater use of renewable energy.

This is the first overall decrease in emissions levels from these companies since 2013, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). David Flynn, EPA Programme Manager, said the overall decrease demonstrate a “move in the right direction” in the transition of Ireland’s energy system. He warned however that while the carbon intensity in electricity generation was down, other sectors such as the agri-food sector, recorded higher emission levels. Mr Flynn said that investment in low carbon technologies must be made attractive for industry and called for a higher carbon price to help drive such investment.

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