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IEA report confirms Ireland’s wind energy success story

Ireland’s leading renewable energy organisation, the Irish Wind Energy Association, has welcomed the publication of the International Energy Agency’s 2019 Review of Ireland’s Energy Policies, which credited wind energy with leading the decarbonisation of Ireland’s energy system.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) found that Ireland “…had the third-highest share of wind in electricity generation of all IEA member countries in 2017”.  It also said that Ireland has “made notable progress towards decarbonisation of the electricity sector through the successful deployment of onshore wind”.

Dr David Connolly, CEO of the Irish Wind Energy Association, said: “Wind energy is the cleanest and cheapest source of renewable electricity in Ireland.  The more wind on the system the less energy we have to import, which supports Irish jobs, and the less we rely on the fossil fuels that create carbon emissions, which are putting our planet in danger and our future at risk.  The IEA reports confirm again that wind energy is the success story of Irish energy policy. Our members look forward to working with Minister Bruton on his forthcoming climate action plan and continuing to grow Ireland’s leading renewable energy industry.”

In 2018, wind energy provided 29 per cent of Ireland’s electricity. This is the second highest share in Europe.

Wind provides 84 per cent of the country’s renewable power generation, cutting CO2 emissions by 2.7 million tonnes and reducing fossil fuel imports by €220 million in 2017 alone.

Source – Irish Wind Energy Association

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