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Hydrology and Hydrogeology explained

Hydrologists and hydrogeologists are water scientists who study the properties of freshwater and its distribution on the continents.

Together, hydrology and hydrogeology provide information on how to manage and protect freshwater, humans most essential natural resource.

Hydrology and hydrogeology are distinct fields of study that employ different methods and techniques, but they overlap to provide a complete picture of Earth’s freshwater resources.

Hydrology deals with the physical properties of surface freshwater, such as lakes and rivers, and with its chemical interactions with other substances.

Hydrogeology is a subfield of geology (study of Earth) that specifically addresses groundwater—water moving through tiny openings in rock and soil layers beneath the land surface.

In practice, ground and surface water interact as a single system. Surface water seeps into the ground and groundwater emerges to the surface.

Hydrogeologists work to explain the geological effects of surface water in rivers, streams and lakes, and hydrologists lend their technical expertise to the mechanics and chemistry of moving groundwater.

Verde’s Hydrogeology Expertise

Verde has built a team of water resource assessment specialists focused on delivering quality hydrogeological services to our clients which are led by Donal Hogan, Senior Hydrogeologist who has over 18 years’ experience in hydrogeology related projects. In particular, he has extensive experience in groundwater development assessments to develop a potable and sustainable groundwater resource.

Verde Environmental Consultants provide all aspects of hydrogeological services such as groundwater abstraction feasibility assessments, authorisation of discharges to groundwater technical assessments and water quality/level monitoring.

The development of sustainable groundwater resources is a key element in helping our clients to reduce costs associated with the use of water.

Donal Hogan, Senior Consultant Hydrogeologist


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