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How to have a Green Christmas

The festive season poses a serious threat to the environment. An onslaught of food, toys, electronics, wrapping paper and “stuff” is on the way. `

Repak estimates 83,000 tonnes of packaging waste will be produced in Ireland this Christmas which is equal to the amount of packaging waste 176,000 people would produce in an entire year.

So how can you play your part to ensure a greener Christmas and actively consider the impact that purchase decisions will have on the environment this festive season and beyond?

Reduce: Your intake of physical gifts. Why not ask for tickets to your favourite show or concert, go on an outdoor adventure or donate to your local charity instead of acquiring more ‘stuff.’

Reuse: Old newspapers instead of buying single use wrapping paper. Wrap with twine and if you want to jazz up a gift, colour in between the lines. Turn your old cereal boxes inside out and seal with paper tape as a handy new box!

Recycle: Make your own Christmas wreath – take an old wire hanger, open the wire and create a hoop shape. Then tie on some old decorations / ornaments / led lights and wrap the top back into a hook.

If you decide choose a real Christmas tree, ensure that you dispose of it properly. There are many drop off points around the country, contact your local council to find your nearest one. Alternatively, buy low maintenance indoor plants that can also act as air filters. Spider plants are good for this and you can always dress them up in reusable lights.