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Hot Weather and the Environment – pressure on water resources

The good weather highlights our relationship with the environment, an environment which seems to be growing ever more fragile as the effects of climate change become more pronounced.

The pressure on water resources is a case in point. A hose pipe ban is likely to be extended to more parts of the country as the dry spell continues.  Our usage and reliance on water is something that we do take for granted, and little heed is taken of the pressures on the system from an expanding population which has been weaned to a large extent on first world services.

Similarly at national level the evidence clearly suggests that we are meeting none of the set targets on climate change, with a very low compliance rate.  It’s ironic for a country in which the weather and climate plays such a major part of the national consciousness that this should be so.  No one can deny the realities of climate change any longer, as the frequence of extreme weather events has gathered pace.

This is perhaps one of the greatest long term issues facing us all, one that needs long term vision and planning to counter it.  Let’s enjoy the continued good weather, but let’s realise that its time for more proactive action on the environment front, at both local and national level.

Article courtesy of Leinster Express

Verde Environmental Consultants provide groundwater development services to clients and develop groundwater resources to augment and, in some cases, replace mains water.  Our work gives due consideration to the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive, which have increased the importance of the assessment and management of water resources.

The first step in helping clients develop water resources is an initial hydrogeological desk study assessment to determine the groundwater resource potential in terms of quantity and quality for a particular site’s requirement. To further assess the groundwater resource, we undertake a trial well installation and pumping test, which determines the sustainability of the groundwater resource. All contracting works are tendered and the works are managed and supervised by our experienced team of Hydrogeologists to ensure that quality is maintained to the highest standards.