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Fixed Noise Monitoring Equipment

Fixed Noise Monitoring Equipment

Installing fixed noise monitoring equipment at a residence in Co. Laois.  The homeowners complained to Laois County Council that there was excess noise coming from a work shop to the rear of their property. We installed the monitor for two weeks to measure noise levels 24 hours a day.

Verde Environmental Consultants can provide our clients with the necessary technical expertise and experience to design noise monitoring programmes to measure noise levels in relation to EPA, IPC / IE licensing, or planning permission-specified limits.

Our Services include:

  • Community noise measurement and complaint response.
  • Noise impact assessments for planning applications.
  • Predictive modelling and design of noise reduction strategies.
  • Measurement and assessment of occupational noise exposure.
  • Construction and operational noise management.
  • Specialist guidance on noise standards and publications.
  • ISO 1996, BS4142, BS 8233, ISO EN 61400-11, ETSU-R-97 etc.