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EU committed to remediation of contaminated sites – #World Soil Day.

Soil is a fundamental natural resource that influences numerous policy areas. It is not only vital for a healthy environment but also essential to agriculture, and indeed the entire food sector. Without it, Europe’s sustainable bioeconomy will not be able to grow. Being soil aware will also help regenerate formerly polluted sites, creating jobs and growth and helping to ensure that this precious resource – which after all, our planet is named after – is not wasted.

Soil not only makes life on Earth possible – it also helps to fight climate change. Some 70 billion tons of organic carbon – equivalent to almost 50 times the EU’s annual emissions – is kept locked beneath our feet. This is the second biggest reservoir of carbon on the planet, next to the oceans. Just another reason why maintaining healthy soil is so important!

Fixing up degraded areas from the industrialisation legacy provides economic opportunities and a viable business sector, driving research into new clean-up technologies. In fact, Europe’s soil remediation sector has a turnover of €2.5 billion and employs 16 000.

The EU is committed to ensuring that by 2020 land is managed sustainably, soil is adequately protected and the remediation of contaminated sites is well underway. EU-funded projects have helped to find new ways of cleaning up; clever innovations include micro-organisms to treat polluted soil. The EU’s new LIFE programme, which supports environmental action, has an increased focus on soil protection.

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Source – Publications Office of the European Union

Verde Environmental Consultants are leading experts in the assessment and remediation of contaminated land.  We provide a complete, in-house solution to deal with contaminated land and provide cost effective and practical solutions that both meet our clients’ needs and fulfil the requirements of regulators.  We understand the complexities of contaminated land issues, both from a consultancy and contracting point of view and can ensure that properly scoped remediation programmes are delivered whilst ensuring budgetary and regulatory compliance.

We provide a breadth of consultancy and contracting services that help our clients deal with contaminated site issues, large or small.  Our suite of services include everything from contaminated land assessment and monitoring, to remediation design and implementation.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of environmental, hydrogeology and geotechnical consultants, as well as remediation engineers and specialists to provide a full solution to the problem.

Verde also offer a wide range of environmental risk assessment and risk management skills in soil, water and human health to derive defensible, realistic target values for any remediation that may be required.