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Energy efficiency in industrial water use – Horizon2020 Programme – EnerWater

A consistent amount of energy is used in industrial water circuits, and projects funded under the Horizon2020 programme are developing ways to reduce it and make it more efficient.

The project EnerWater works to improve the energy efficiency of wastewater treatment process. EnerWater developed a methodology to assess the performance of wastewater treatment processes in industrial plants, and a labelling system to classify them.

The potential savings achievable through this methodology amount to almost 5 GWh/year, over the 44GWh consumed yearly by the participating plants. This would represent savings of 11%, corresponding to the annual energy consumption of 1.368 households.

Waterwatt, on the other hand, developed an Evaluation Platform aimed to share knowledge between SMEs and big industries on energy efficiency in their industrial water circuits, in order to bridge the gap of expertise and information on the saving potentials in these circuits.

ENERWATER is devoting important efforts to ensure that the methods are widely adopted. Subsequent objectives are to impulse dialogue towards the creation of a specific European legislation following the example of recently approved EU directives, to establish a way forward to achieve EU energy reductions objectives for 2020, ensuring effluent water quality, environmental protection and compliance with the Water Framework Directive (FWD).

Source – EnerWater /  Waterwatt 

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