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Coughing Teddy Bear Raises Air Pollution Awareness

This cuddly bear is a physical manifestation of the horrific air pollution in the London area of Brixton.

When air pollution levels reached a limit set by the government that comes with the recommendation for anyone with heart or lungs issues to reduce exercise outdoors, Toxic Toby put his paw to his mouth and coughed.  Each cough triggers a tweet sent to local politicians urging them to take action on the issue of air pollution.  The pollution is so bad, the air can often leave a bad taste in your mouth.

A recent report showed that more than 400, 000 people die in Europe annually from air pollution-related health problems. London is among the worst polluted cities in the region. London experiences about 200 deaths caused by car accidents each year while more than 9000 people die prematurely from illnesses related to air pollution.

Children are at risk of developing respiratory diseases when exposed to poor air quality for long periods of time.

The  report from the European Court of Auditors (ECA) regarding air quality across Europe claims that air pollution is now the ‘biggest environmental risk’ in Europe.  The report condemned the EU for failing to act on the issue. “In recent decades, EU policies have contributed to emission reductions, but air quality has not improved at the same rate and there are still considerable impacts on public health,” Janusz Wojciechowski, an ECA member, who led the report, said in a statement.

Source – Interesting Engineering

Verde Environmental Consultants provides a wide range of environmental air quality monitoring and management services, including:

  • Licence compliance monitoring.
  • Commissioning of a new plant or processes.
  • Contaminated site investigation or remediation monitoring.
  • Baseline monitoring for environmental impact assessments.
  • Industrial and community complaint or nuisance assessment.
  • Occupational exposure monitoring for vapours, dusts and aerosols.
  • Environmental and occupational management of construction projects.

Verde can provide for either short-term representative sampling or long–term monitoring depending on project types.