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Construction Dewatering Presents Unique Challenges

Infrastructure projects often involve excavation work to subgrade depths that require aggressive groundwater control to make construction feasible and safe. Construction dewatering can be achieved by designing and installing a subgrade pumping system that operates continuously to draw down the water table sufficiently to allow work.

Dewatering presents unique challenges because the variables relevant to completing a project are not easily identifiable and can often require services beyond what was originally expected.

Any job that involves excavation, particularly in the loose unconsolidated soils common must take groundwater into consideration. As infrastructure ages and requires replacement, the more information gleaned about the regional soils and groundwater conditions, the more productive construction contractors can prove themselves to be as they bid for more work.

Dewatering companies have the ability to gather data and implement systems to keep job sites dry using various groundwater collection techniques so that construction contractors can complete their work on time and within budget.

Verde Environmental Consultants provide dewatering services to construction projects where there is a requirement to pump, treat and dispose of waters offsite, allowing for works to be carried out in a safe, dry and environmentally compliant manner. High groundwater levels and surface water run off generally need to be pumped to a suitable treatment system, from where it is treated and monitored prior to discharge.