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15.6% of Ireland unpolluted from litter

Minister Denis Naughten published the 2017 National Litter Pollution Report yesterday.

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In summary the 2017 Litter Pollution Monitoring System Report reveals that:

  • 15.6% of areas surveyed were litter free, the second highest level ever achieved and an increase of 2.4% when compared to 2016 results.
  • 63.9% of areas surveyed were slightly littered.
  • The percentage of moderately polluted areas has decreased by 0.9% to 17.1% from 18.0% in 2016.
  • The percentage of significantly polluted areas has decreased by 0.3% to 3.0% when compared to 2016 data.
  • The percentage of grossly polluted areas has remained constant at 0.3%.Litter Composition
  • The main constituent elements of litter pollution nationwide were cigarette-related litter (56.3%), packaging litter .(17.6%), food-related litter (9.0%), and sweet-related litter (7.9%).Causative Factors
  • The main causative factors of litter pollution nationally were identified as follows: passing pedestrians (42.1%) passing motorists (19.7%), retail outlets (10.3%), gathering points (7.0%), places of leisure/entertainment (5.3%), fast food outlets (4.1%), and schools/schools children (3.6%).